Entrepreneur. Web Developer. Consultant. Online Marketer.

Hello I’m Alva.  I like to design, build, launch, and grow amazing businesses online.

Alva knows websites, builds businesses & loves measurable results.

Hello, my name is Alva and I speak internet.  I am fluent in WWW, http://, https://, Website Development, WordPress, WooCommerce, eCommerce, Online Marketing, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, App Development, Graphic Design, Web Hosting (Linux, Apache, NGINX, Windows and more), Email, Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, SSL, Port 80, Port 443, Port 21 & Port 22, FTP & sFTP, SSH.  You name it, I speak it.  It is what I do everyday.  I provide custom website design and development services to clients across the world.  In addition I also provide eCommerce development, online marketing, lead generation, search optimization, website project management, and engineering services.  I work with startups, small to mid-size businesses, and established publicly traded companies.

I have designed, built, launched, and supported 1000’s of websites.

I also speak business.  I make it easy for business owners and executives to understand the web technologies they need to succeed online.  If you are a business looking for a professional web developer / consultant / engineer / or project manager with an all around knowledge of the web contact me today.  Consultations are free.  We can discuss your vision, your goals, and your budget and see if we’re a good match to work together.  Let’s build something amazing and beautiful on the internet together! Tell me about your project HERE.


Here are a few of the things I am reading this month.

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These are some of my favorite places to go play and learn online.

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More About Alva

I grew up in Maryland on Saint Georges Island beside the shores of the great Potomac river and the Chesapeake Bay.  I have been surrounded by successful entrepreneurs for my entire life and was taught the value of hard work at a young age.  When I was 10 years old I took my first paying jobs working for my fathers water well drilling business and at the same time working for my uncle at his beach front campground.  From these early work life experiences I learned and saw the importance of honesty and integrity in the workplace and those traits influence all of my business ventures today.